Verrity Terre

A township with vacation villas built on the design approach of exposed brick cladding to create interest among nature lovers and break the monotony of the row houses. Every villa was designed to create individual brick-laying patterns with perfect integration with the landscape. The wire-cut brick cladding was used to create various patterns and shadow play. A treat to nature admirers, this township interior was completely matched with the logo colours of Verity Terre, giving an extra layer of protection. 



Dawn Designs understand the art and science that goes behind in creating a ‘place.’ Architecture is holistic, and so are we. At Dawn Designs, we help our clients build an environment that reflects their identity and culture. We follow an integrated architectural approach that not only sticks to planning, designing, and construction but also focuses on feel, value, culture, and social development.

Our practice acts as a problem-solving agent that blends its rich experience and wealth of knowledge in residential, commercial, hospitality, retail & leisure, civic & cultural, and academic projects to bring solutions that are commercially sound, functional, and unique.

Our studio likes to blend the classical style of architecture by using natural materials, traditional building materials, and art forms, building techniques that merge and combine with a contemporary style of architecture that suits the current day lifestyle.

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